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    - Speaks softly with a tone that could be described as lightweight.
    - Usually appears stoic, but her emotions can be easy enough to read. No outlandish expressions are necessary. Foul language would never be uttered from her lips, but has no qualms about hearing them.
    - Not at all naive when it comes to topics of a darker nature.
    - She can be graceful with her insults. Very polite.
    - She tries not to be serious all the time. Something she knows she needs to work on.
    - Still a bit bitter about the capital being moved to Tokyo. So very bitter. She is smug at how much of a concrete jungle it has become, leaving her virtually unchanged, despite all the time that has passed. Tokyo is nothing but a mockery of Japan in her eyes.
    - Might possibly stay on Japan's good side in hopes of reclaiming said title, although the drawbacks (deteriorating culture and apathy, carelessness) keep her satisfied with being considered a place of thriving traditional culture. There is no other interest in him besides that. Unless it's Biku. The height of glory in Japan during WWII, Kyoto deeply appreciates the confident side of Japan. His more modern counterparts are less bold than after that time.
    - Cares a great deal about nature, and will use her own chopsticks.
    - Aware that she is beautiful. It's what attracts tourists and preserves her history as protected treasures of the world. She'll need to remind herself to be modest about it. Doesn't really tolerate men who try too hard to get her affections.
    - A feminist. Believes women have the right to choose their own role in life while not being shackled down to the male standards of society. Being a wife and mother are options, not an obligation. Women should remain free spirits.
    - Lying is an art form that is too cut and dry. Phrasing words in a more roundabout manner suits her best. The truth is something that would need to be earned over time. She can be forward with her words at times.


    Kyoto, former capital of Japan
    - Her hair was very long until the Meiji Era. As of now, it is much shorter in order to blend in with more modern times.
    - A member of the Ashikage Clan gave her the haori she drapes over her shoulders. They brought her lands to victory and brought great pride to her.


    - Well versed in traditional Japanese arts of dance, tea ceremony, poetry, playing instruments.
    - Burn scars from the numerous wars that plagued Kyoto can be found on her back, although hidden beneath her kimono. There is little sensation there, however.
    - This is the only modern clothing she is officially seen wearing. Perhaps simple dresses will suffice.
    - A penchant for cellphones (keitai). More fascinated about their functions and designs than anything else. Smartphones do not appeal to her. Phone straps are neat little things.
    - Avidly collects kanzashi, but will rarely wear them.
    - Likes vegetables more than fruit, but dislikes heavily salted foods. Loves anything with macha as its flavoring.
    - Favors the autumn season because of its cooler weather, and the changing leaves make her homeland look stunning. Spring is another favorite. The start of a new beginning.
    - Will refer to Japan as 'Danna-sama' at times (90% of the time. The other 10% is if he's eating salty foods again). There isn't a better title to bestow upon him.
    - Usually wears a simple, contemporary kimono accompanied by a cream colored obi with an elaborate knot. More elaborate kimono and obi are worn for special occasions, since it's difficult to move around while wearing more layers. Hair is usually in an elaborate up do, held up by a hair clip and adorned with a sakura bira-bira hairpin on the side of her head. The metal dangles move, but are a soft noise. Zori that are made of bamboo or straw are worn casually.
    - Does not use contractions (shall be hard to catch when typing!)
    - Has a fear of fire. Mostly large ones like bonfires. Fascinated by smaller ones.
    - Carries around a tanto in her obi. Its sheath is shaped like a folded fan. She does carry around an actual folded fan, so it appears of if she has two.

(random stuff: bira bira hair pin)

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Date: 2011-07-06 04:36 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]

I adore your OC of her aaah she makes me want to make my Hiroshima OC a reality but I'm still shy about her ;-;

Kyoto is just stunning and beautiful and traditional I always picture Kyoto when I think of Japan (sucks for Tokyo!)

While Japan thinks that her tanto shall never be necessary it... ~intrigues~ him that she owns it.

Date: 2011-07-06 04:47 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Uhm, he knows through me, but in RP he wouldn't. It would be a surprise! A sexy surprise.

I'll make her a list like this in any case :D

Date: 2011-10-28 01:33 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
The mere fact that someone's RPing my favorite of the Hetalia prefectures is so, so very awesome. <3